Sunday, 10 March 2013

When I was your age.

From 2009 through to 2010 I had a YouTube channel, I have since deleated that channel. Long story short, I got fed up with the trolls, below is a script that I never filmed.

Why is it that people like me who can't cook always end up hungry? Think about It, as soon has the cook of the house has finnished for the day, I end up turning into a confused caveman who thinks that a oven is as interesting as 14 episodes of the antiques roadshow with added commentary about the piece of junk that which is as useful as a baboon in the shower.

But in the 21st century that is not the case, because today we has this extronary, fantastic, technology thing known as YouTube. On this little known site people can upload videos ragieng from a university lecture on quantum mechanics, to a dog barking at the television.

This brings me nicely on to part 3 (yeah I got a script this time) and the media, In the last ten years media has changed dramsily, in 1995, It was really hard to stay In contact with some one thousands of miles away, but nowadays we have socal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which puts us into contact with those people within seconds. Now lookng at how far technology has advanced in the last ten years, who knows what we could be doing in 2020 and for those Internet trolls who are going to say that the world is going to end 2012 then all I've got to say to you is that you are a bunch if stupid old lowlifes.

So this video (blog post) is for my generaton who can say when I was your age we didn't have Facebook, we had pen-pals. We didn't have xbox 360s we had N64's. We can say when I was your age our phones didn't have Internet, they had snake and when I was your age freddos were only 10p.


You know how life has a way of putting off what you actually want to do, that. The Alien post is going to be delayed again, sorry about that.

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