Monday, 4 March 2013

Random Event One: Scratching My Balls With G4S

I am one of those people who can be very professional. I can scrub up well, do my homework and in general be a good amabassor for whatever company that would care to employ me. However, if you put me in a quiet room, the slightest thing can make me howl with laughter.

For example, today, I'm with a very skilled and experienced journalist on an assignment, (I won't bore you with details.) I want to make the most of my time with him, I can learn a lot from him. He has been in the business for 45 years, however today I think that I might have showed him up. While he was in one of the rooms interviewing another person, (I wasn't allowed in) A man who works in the building was using a cordless phone. Clearly it was his first time using one of these phones because all I could here as he was coming down the stairs was;

"I am on the Phone, I'm going down the stairs, can you still hear me? Good. I'm in the waiting room, can you hear me now? That's great. I'm opening the door to another room, can you still hear me? Fannnnnntastic."

If it was not bad enough that the gentleman was loud, one of the G4S guards descided to take the mick out him, with a protine bottle, his recreation of events when as follows;

"Ooh yeah, I'm in going in the room, yeah great, can you hear me? Great, yeah I'm just scratching my balls, oooooohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh."

This made me howl with laughter, but what made it more awkward was that the waiting room was empty. After about 39 seconds, the professional journalist came in, to the sight of me and the G4S guard crying with laughter. He looked at us blankly. He had no idea what we were on.

Good thing I'm working with him again tomorrow.


The article that I'm writing about the possibility of contacting alien life will probably have to wait until Sunday. I want to make the most of these next few days, but I promise the make it extra special.


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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog, it means so much to a little guy like me.

      I've just added a RRS button to this blog, it's on the left just underneath the followers box. I assumed that RRS was already included with blogger and that I didn't need to add it myself. It should be working now.

      Once again thank you for dropping by.