Monday, 25 March 2013

I ran away

In 2010, I ran away.

I got fed up with bullies and being abused for the way that I looked, or the way that I talked. I got fed up with being picked on for my actions or for what I said.

In 2010, I ran away from YouTube.

I regret that descision, I enjoyed it, I liked the process of making and editing a video for someone to watch on the other side of the world. I liked being about to share my thoughts and feelings with the world, and I liked being able to hear the thoughts and feelings other people.

But as you have gathered, I quit. I deleated my account in anger. I just got fed up with the trolls, there were far too many of them. The scary thing is that I think I might have actually known some of them. Stupid schoolchildren.

This is why I have sympathy for Justin Bieber, granted, I'm not his biggest fan, but it so hard to carry on when you have half the world screaming hate at you, because you are successful. He's only 19, he has to deal with millions of fans and haters, I couldn't handle ten trolls.

But don't get me wrong, there were some fantastic people on there, I rembember a youtuber who stuck up for me, and generally liked my videos, in fact she made 2 video responces, one asking why people were being trolls, the other, because she was laughing at the wrapping of one of my christmas presents.

I should never have deleted that account, I sometimes wonder how things would have been if I kept it up.

Today I decided to stop wondering and start doing something about it, I'm going to start making videos again, there just one problem.

I don't know what to say?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's the end of the world

I could use this space in the void of the Internet to make a point, I could stand up for the rights of the oppressed, I could hold a huge organisation to account for corruption or I could use this as a platform for someone who needs to get a serious point across.

Instead I'm going to talk about the snow, also known as that white stuff which can crush an economy, bring a country to its knees and give our news program's something to talk about. It's is snowing in Britain, near the end of march. That is not meant to happen.

I promised myself that I would start to take care of my body, I would get fitter and eat heather, how am I meant to go jogging when I running in fear of sheet ice and flying reindeer? 

I wanted to try tennis. Mind you it's good news for Phillip Schofield, there are so many Dancing on Ice spin-offs that the sexy silver fox could host. For example 'Tennis on Ice,' 'Jeremy Kyle on Ice' or my personal favorite, 'OAP's falling over on ice.'

My car was mistaken for a moving ice rink, I had polar bear cubs making their home on my roof.

My mum is one of those people who freezes milk, so I think that she should turn the freezer off and put all of the food in the garden, not only will she save some money on her electricity bill, but the neighbors will also be able to see what we are going to have for dinner.

So I don't really know what I'm meant to do, and Sunday morning tv is rubbish.

I have also developed a voice which sounds like a cross between Bubbles DeVere and Professor Snape, I read this post to my brothers in that voice. 

They laughed.

Monday, 18 March 2013

My short thoughts on YouTube.

At this moment, I’m meant to be writing another article for my job, because that is a thing I do now. But its twenty to two in the morning and I really need to sleep.

As a result of my insomnia, which is a clear indication that I'm a timelord, I've found my way onto youtube. Of course, I've gone through an insane amount of cat videos, along with puppy videos, funny baby videos, fail video, win videos, knife song videos, squirrel videos, Harlem Shake videos, Gangnam Style video and more cat videos. But there is something that, I personally, am finding less off, and thats the endangered species of the vlogger.

By this, I don’t mean vlogger as in the big players, the ones who just make a "ten things I've noticed video", or a "challenge" video to get as many likes and view as possible, I mean, the ones who just talk about life, and talk about what they are thinking, or their random idiosyncrasies that make them interesting and genuinely awesome people.

This thought process started when I stumbled across ImagineJohanna, and I realized that she reminds us why most people started vlogging in the first, to talk about life and to share stories from her past. She doesn't have an agenda, she doesn't want to try to sell you merchandise or make a ton of money, she just wants to tell her story.

At this point I should go on a bit of a rant about how there are no ‘old skool’ vloggers left, but really, we just need to look. Everyone has got a story to tell, but some are just louder than others, it is up to you who you choose to listen to, just make sure you choose wisely.

Have a nice life

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I'm feeling good

As I write this post, I am taking a quick break from building up my new WordPress site. Follows of this blog may recall that I am moving (quite swiftly) into journalism and one of the things that I'm doing is building a more professional online profile. I will post the link to that site in the next few weeks.

Don't get me wrong, I love this blog, and I going to keep it just the way it is, I need a place to store all of my random thoughts, funny stories and passive-aggressive rants. I also see this blog as way of keeping my feet on the ground, I know that if things go well, I will become a very busy man, and I might be swept up trying to make a name for myself.

This blog will of course still be updated on a silly semi-regular timetable that only exists when I'm procreating.

In other news, yesterday this blog past 500 page views, that is mind-boggling. to think that 500 people have taken the time out of there day to read what I write, is incredibly humbling, I thank each and everyone of you.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

This title has no meaning.

I've neglected this blog for too long, my bad, I wanted to do a short post every day and a big post on Sundays, of course, life has found a way to blow up your world, I shan't go into details here.

But I have good news, I've just finished a article on the Russian Asteroid that exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk, I go into some detail about where Asteroids come from, and what caused it to come our way. I finish off by asking why no one saw it coming. I realize that this summary makes it sound really boring, I really hope it isn't. It was really good fun to write.

Also in April I am going to be working in the politics in schools campaign run by ShoutoutUK. This is a cause that I honestly believe in. The current voter registration in the United Kingdom is below 50% and I believe that this is due to a lack of political education in our schools. I am so looking forward this, I can't wait.

Today is also my un-birthday, so happy un-birthday to me.

I was in a hotel last week, I was given the choice between firm and soft pillows, I took a long time to come to a decision. Clearly a first world problem that shows that I need sort my priories out.

I really need to get working on my alien protocol article. That's going to be fun to write as well. The weird thing is that if you had told me a year ago that I would love writing things, I would have most likely unleashed my secret superpower on you. Spider-man eat your heart out. Now it's opening up all of these opportunities for me that I am incredibly grateful for.

I'm thinking about setting up a WordPress site. I'm thinking I need somewhere to put articles that I write and have something professional to show any future employers. I of course will still keep this blog going, in fact I will use it for what a blog is for, I will blog my life. If you have used WordPress before; What tips do you have? How did you use it? And would you recommend it?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

When I was your age.

From 2009 through to 2010 I had a YouTube channel, I have since deleated that channel. Long story short, I got fed up with the trolls, below is a script that I never filmed.

Why is it that people like me who can't cook always end up hungry? Think about It, as soon has the cook of the house has finnished for the day, I end up turning into a confused caveman who thinks that a oven is as interesting as 14 episodes of the antiques roadshow with added commentary about the piece of junk that which is as useful as a baboon in the shower.

But in the 21st century that is not the case, because today we has this extronary, fantastic, technology thing known as YouTube. On this little known site people can upload videos ragieng from a university lecture on quantum mechanics, to a dog barking at the television.

This brings me nicely on to part 3 (yeah I got a script this time) and the media, In the last ten years media has changed dramsily, in 1995, It was really hard to stay In contact with some one thousands of miles away, but nowadays we have socal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter which puts us into contact with those people within seconds. Now lookng at how far technology has advanced in the last ten years, who knows what we could be doing in 2020 and for those Internet trolls who are going to say that the world is going to end 2012 then all I've got to say to you is that you are a bunch if stupid old lowlifes.

So this video (blog post) is for my generaton who can say when I was your age we didn't have Facebook, we had pen-pals. We didn't have xbox 360s we had N64's. We can say when I was your age our phones didn't have Internet, they had snake and when I was your age freddos were only 10p.


You know how life has a way of putting off what you actually want to do, that. The Alien post is going to be delayed again, sorry about that.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Random Event One: Scratching My Balls With G4S

I am one of those people who can be very professional. I can scrub up well, do my homework and in general be a good amabassor for whatever company that would care to employ me. However, if you put me in a quiet room, the slightest thing can make me howl with laughter.

For example, today, I'm with a very skilled and experienced journalist on an assignment, (I won't bore you with details.) I want to make the most of my time with him, I can learn a lot from him. He has been in the business for 45 years, however today I think that I might have showed him up. While he was in one of the rooms interviewing another person, (I wasn't allowed in) A man who works in the building was using a cordless phone. Clearly it was his first time using one of these phones because all I could here as he was coming down the stairs was;

"I am on the Phone, I'm going down the stairs, can you still hear me? Good. I'm in the waiting room, can you hear me now? That's great. I'm opening the door to another room, can you still hear me? Fannnnnntastic."

If it was not bad enough that the gentleman was loud, one of the G4S guards descided to take the mick out him, with a protine bottle, his recreation of events when as follows;

"Ooh yeah, I'm in going in the room, yeah great, can you hear me? Great, yeah I'm just scratching my balls, oooooohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh."

This made me howl with laughter, but what made it more awkward was that the waiting room was empty. After about 39 seconds, the professional journalist came in, to the sight of me and the G4S guard crying with laughter. He looked at us blankly. He had no idea what we were on.

Good thing I'm working with him again tomorrow.


The article that I'm writing about the possibility of contacting alien life will probably have to wait until Sunday. I want to make the most of these next few days, but I promise the make it extra special.