Thursday, 20 June 2013

Writing for myself.

I have just finished a long six hour straight article writing session for my job, now it's time to write for myself before I end up punching the screen of the laptop.

I am currently sat on the couch of my living watching The Magnificent Seven, one of the only westerns that I like while drinking coffee from my Thomas the Tank Engine cup. I have now decided that I must learn how to ride a horse.

In some of my previous posts I talked about how I was writing a novel. That has now become a radio play thing, no doubt that this will slowly morph into a film script then into a video series and back around to novel. To save some face, I decided to design one of the star-space ships that would be in the universe-galaxy thing, it is needless to say that I failed art for a reason. This picture below is the view from the front. The idea is that there is one command pod and other pods can be changed around so that the ship can perform different tasks.

However, I appear to have drawn (at least to my immature mind) a cock and balls. What does that say about me? Instead of drawing a ship of incredible speed and wonder, I draw an object of incredible speed and wonder, shame it's not a self portrait.

Today I found a random stick of ram.

Jamie Cullum and my iOS 7 review will have to wait, i'm too tired right now. Apart from that, it's been pretty uneventful.  

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Realigning my moral compass

In my last post I had a bit of a moral ooh-la-la. While writing that post, I was watching Star Trek (yes, I know) and it got me thinking, the majority of my moral compass, landscape thing came from the huge collection of videotapes that I used to watch as young teenager because I didn't like going out and I was way too shy,

Couple that with being the most irritating teachers pet and having bucked teeth that are so bad they make Bugs Bunny look like a model, I was clearly not one of the cool socialaties. 

Annoyingly, my lazy eye came in when I was eighteen, where was it when I was 13? I could have dealt with everything together, then I would be sane, right up until the moment I go on a rampage and brutally murder everyone who has ever bullied me. (I wonder if this paragraph will get the CSA's attentions. I assume my next post will be from a hotel room in Hong Kong.)

But I'm going off-track. The reason that I wanted to write this post was to share with you what the characters from the different series have taught me, this is in no particular order, it's just the order that it comes to my brain.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: It's cool to be patient, not everyone is as awesome as you, it takes time for them to think of the right reaction, and if it all goes wrong, just put your hand on your forehead, lean into it and sigh. 

Commander William T. Riker: While I'm never going to have his allure, I have picked up The Riker Maneuver, if I am ever on some kind of date and you do not understand and appreciate it's majesty, we are not meant to be together 

Captain James T. Kirk: Don't worry, it's ok to pause...

Lieutenant Tasha Yar: Kindness and compassion will make you one of the most likeable members of the crew, however this will get you killed off in season two, but you do come back as a kick-ass Romulan.

General Martok: If 'please allow me to hand you your rear end on a plate during which I will be dispensing life advice to Sisko while being loyal, battle savvy, cool, brave with just a touch of humble' had a definition, it would be this warrior. He would never lead his troops into a lost cause. I just wonder what he would have said if he was with me when I was coming of Westminster. Would he have told me to be wise and stay away or would he have lead the charge.

Captain James T. Kirk: the middle...

Guinan: " I picked this up on Mangus three, that was setting number one, would anyone like to see setting number two?"

Jadzia Dax: Excuse me, I’m trying to put Worf in his place. Oh yes Benjamin.

Captain James T. Kirk: ...of sex with 75 more orions then Riker (sorry man, he just has less regulations)

Chief Miles Edward O'Brien: Not only do we share a middle name, but we are also both incredibly awesome. This legend worked his way up from the dangerous path of the red shirt to one of the most loved characters in the whole franchise. This man could shut down as wormhole while repairing the Defiant and somehow keeping DS9 from falling apart.

Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko: If you are looking for cool, he is your man. He can take a tiny little starship and destroy an entire fleet, while playing baseball, chilling with gods and hopping over the mirror universe so he do stuff to his bridge officers that would normally be against every regulation in Starfleet.

Wesley Crusher: The only reason that 'SHUT UP WESLEY' is on this list is because I used to be just like him, annoying, bright and useless, expect I am control controlled by my puppet masters known as the CSA who will chase me to Hong Kong should I publish this article. Don't get me wrong, Wil Wheaton is awesome, it's just that I'm not as awesome as him.

I'm getting distracted, but I've slept between starting this post and writing this paragraph, and I've realised, there is no point worrying about whether I went to the protest or not, what has happened has happened, I can't change that.

But I can start to be awesome, you watch this space, this time next year I would have had a DNA and found out that I am the estranged love child of Wil Wheaton and Neil Patrick Harris. At which point I would start to embrace the side of me that loves to wear suits while hacking into the mainframe of the FBI.

I just didn’t inherit their good looks

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Yesterday, I failed you.

Let me lay down some groundwork, yesterday I took a trip to Parliament, don't worry I'm not arranging an uprising against David Cameron just yet, I'm too busy. I was on an assignment, In Monday I got a text from my editor asking if I was free for a committee meeting in Parliament the next day, as a power hungry little sob, I said yes, after I woke up and four cups of coffee.
I will add the link to article that I wrote here when it is published, but this blog post is about what happened before and after that committee meeting. The first thing I did as soon I walked out of Westminster tube station was turn my phone on. It's an iPhone, I was trying to save to battery life.
A force of habit of mine is to check twitter every 5 minutes, just like everyone else. All those tweets, all those thoughts, all those voices, I don't know about you but I think that the human race might be the Borg.
On twitter I saw that Occupy Parliament SQ replying to one of our Shout Out UK tweets, (it wasn't one of mine, I was in the underground at the time.) Their reply was simply put "breaking?" 
This was my call to action.
This perked my curiosity, I took the weekend off, from doing anything, I hardly went on the Internet, and I spent most of it sleeping or writing my series of stories that I had been working on for about three or four months. I really know how to pick them, with Bilderberg, the protests in turkey and Edward Snowden, I missed quite a lot.
So I made a mental note, the G8 protests were only five or ten minutes away, as soon as I'm done with this committee meeting, I'm going to make my way down there and report on what is happening because it is my job.
Instead as soon as I left Parliament, I checked my phone again, saw that the protests were growing bigger and I turned into a coward. Instead of waking past Westminster tube station and going up to Piccadilly, where according to Twitter, the protest were. I went in the station, put my headphones in and made my way home because I wanted to write my committee article.
It's my job to tell the world what is going on and instead I was selfish and just went home. 
Granted, it was the safe thing to do, it was the sane thing to do, and it's what most normal people who want to stay out of the way do, but it's not what I should have done. 
For me, I have to play by a different set of rules, I have to run in the opposite direction to everyone else, and find out why they are running. It is my job to report on what is happening, it is not my job to run off like a coward, and read it all on Twitter, being tired is no excuse. 
It is because of this that I am no better than the CSA. I committed one of the few acts that I consider evil, I stood by while people were in trouble, while people were being stamped on. I may have only been one drop in the ocean, but I had my phone, I was able to record video. A video that I could have recorded, could have a been used to show police brutality, it could have been used to clear someone's name, it could have been used to show the world and future generation what was happening in London.
Someone like Edward Snowden is a hero, he gave up paradise, to tell the world what had happened, he is now on the run. I turned my back on my fellow man because I failed in my job, I'm now sat at home writing this.
I've wrote on this blog that I wanted some excitement in my life, well there is was. Excitement looked me in the eye and I turned away.
Today I failed not just as a reporter, but as a human.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Jamie Cullum can wait.

I don't think that this post is going to score me many points with Jamie Cullum's p.r company.

To make up for the unfortunate lack of posts on this blog, I was halfway through a mega album review for Jamie Cullum's new album Momentum.

However Facebook got in the way and I started sharing pictures of funny cats, posting slight political rants and killing the next person who sends me a Farmville request. But this morning, my friend shared a demo that my other friend has released with his new band, The Sliver Tongue Bandoilers.(It is also clear from that paragraph that I only have two friends.)

Long story short, I love it. In fact I love it so much that it has just knocked Mozart's House by Clean Bandit out of the slot of what I am listening to right now. Take that, Clean Bandit. It only took them two and a half years to get their song into the mainstream.

Click here to go straight to the Soundcloud page
Click here for their Facebook page
Click here for their Website

This is only a short post, I wanted to get something while I've been extra busy with my new job at M.I.6. Normal service will resume on 6th June with my Momentum album review.