Saturday, 5 October 2013

I've been a very naughty boy.

I haven't blogged in while, not something I intended to do.

So in the three months I've been away from you sexy people, I've had a couple of mental ooh-la-la's and worked out that I'm in the wrong career. I'm half-way up a mountain that I don't want to climb.

Long story short, the name of this blog (needsmorework) has some meaning now, I'm unemployed.

However it's not all bad, I have noticed that I've matured and I'm pretty cool, I might suit up

There is one thing I have noticed, there are some people among us who believe that those who are unemployed are lesser human beings. You can tell who these people are a mile off. What they seem to forget is that not many people like being unemployed, I for one hate it, so I hit the ground running, in these four or weeks, I've already had three interviews and I have another one on Wednesday (look at me showing off.)

So my message is this, your job doesn't make you who you are. To be completely honest, I don't know what makes us who we are, if I did, I could make a fortune.

Instead I ask for you to do one thing, if you know someone who is a bit down on their luck, pick them up, dust them off, pat them on the shoulder, tell them that they are doing great and stand by them. I'm lucky that i got the long straw and that I have some awesome people around me. Sadly there are those who are not as fortunate as me.

So don't leave comments saying that your sorry for me because I'm fine, I've got a entire pit crew behind me. Instead, leave a comment saying how you made someones day suck less and if you are a bit down and think you're not awesome, you're wrong. I think you're legen -

Wait for it...


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