Saturday, 6 July 2013

I'm melting.

The weather in England right down is hotter then all the tombs in the sixth circle of hell combined.

I must apologize for the lack of posts, I got swept away with life once again. It's been a crazy few weeks, last week I was named Chief Correspondent for ShoutoutUK. I allowed myself a small victory dance when I was found out.

But before that I just popped along to a book launch, Feral Youth by Polly Courtney is so far my favorite book of the year, it is so real and so beautiful. When I found out the book was about a girl called Alesha who grew up in a South London estate, I thought that it would just be some silly little attempt by someone pretending to understand a generation that no text book can teach you, I was wrong. In this situation I don't mind being wrong.

The full article is here:

Also, I found out this morning that lovely people at the Youth Media Agency quoted me:
I've also wrote a piece on 16-17 year olds in Scotland getting the vote in the referendum, as a correspondent, I'm going to stay as neutral as possible, but then again this is my blog, I have no rules here.

I am all for lowing the voting age to 16, however this must come along with political eduction in our schools. Citizenship is not enough, it is just a lesson for ticking boxes. We have a duty to teach our children about politics and how our country is run. How can we hold our MP's to account if we don't know what they are doing? 

I also wonder if the voting age is lowered in Scotland, would 16 and 17 year olds in England get the vote as well. This article has found it's home here:

Also I forgot to add the link from the 'I failed You' post, so here it is:

The song that I am currently singing is 'I Want To Know What Love Is' from the original broadway cast recording of Rock of Ages.

However as I wrote that, the song changed to 'Friends of the Ood' by  Chameleon Circuit.  

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