Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Family In Costa and Our Princess Lexa

Right now, I'm in Costa with Jon, we're sat here waiting for Lexa to finish being pampered at the groomers... She's our baby girl, and she needs to be treated like a princess. She has just come out of season, and has clearly been quite uncomfortable so she deserves to have a lot of pampering

They've refurbished this branch of Costa next to M&S for what seems to be the 15th time this year. It's a lot brighter then costa's normal signature look. They are making as much use of the open space as possible, with quite a few small tables with a chair either side as well as a few larger round tables and a couple of half booths. 

I'm sat in one of these half booths next to my boyfriend who is more interested in Yu-Gi-Oh duel links than the family from East Asia directly opposite. I'm not sure whereabouts they are from. If I was a bit braver I would ask and maybe even learn something about their home. 

Jon doesn’t give two shits that I'm writing about him. 


See, nothing. 

The Asian family are all sat around one round table, next to the window. Dangling above the table are three seeming unnecessary light bulbs surrounded by a yellow bottomless cage. 

Just from watching them for about 15 minutes, I can already see the family dynamic. 

First is the head of this unit, perhaps the father or the uncle. He's wearing a dark green checkered shirt covered with a very thin blazer. He has not smiled once and his hair is abandoning him, but you can see the love he has for his family.  

I noted the behaviour of the father as he was waiting; I could see how excited he was, even though he was trying to maintain a reserved demeanour. As soon as he heard his family coming up the stairs, he stood up and his face, in just little ways, lit up.  

He listened carefully to each member and nods along and shows just the right amount of care when wiping the toddlers mouth. I unfortunately cannot speak their language but it is lovely to listen to... It just bounces around like a tennis match.  

The view from when they left...If they were any closer I could have touched them
Sat to his right is the son. He looks to be in his 20's at least... the family resemblance is striking, but he has much more hair. He's very excited, but still trying not to show it...he came up carrying the drinks and did lead the majority of the conversation... unlike the woman sat next to him...I'm going to presume that this is the girlfriend. 
I come to this conclusion because I do note that the family was dressed in slightly smarter clothes, like the range Next or M&S sell, while she was wearing a hoodie and trackie that didn't quite hold up in terms of cost. She was also a little more submissive, compared the sister sat next to her (seriously, that family resebemansce.) Its interesting to see, that even though she was submissive, it was in a very respectful way, rather then forced.  
The sister looked, and dressed, as if she was about to take over the country. She held herself as if she already has. She did appear to dominate most of the conversation 
The final member of the family was the toddler who really didn't give a shit and was more interested in his yoghurt. 
Jon has started writing now... I took this photo of him and me... He looks as if he is about to kill someone. XD.
Last thing...a few hours later...Lexa is back home; trimmed, dopey, and smelling lovely. 

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