Monday, 19 June 2017

On The Throne and The Press

You know…with the rise of smartphones/tablets, our productivity as a people has gone through the roof. We can communicate over great distances instantly. We can share reports and media with each other at the tap of a button, and we can write blog posts while on the loo. 

Hello there… 

I swear I do my best work on the porcelain throne. I get ideas down, multiple paragraphs bashed out and talking to friends, I'm not the only one. 

This got me thinking…why? 

My conclusion is that it is peaceful…we all lead hectic lifestyles. As a care worker, I do long shifts dashing from here to Timbuktu, providing care for people in their own homes. Other people are constantly under pressure to meet targets and churn out work at an alarming rate. 

The porcelain throne offers a sanctuary from that…it offers a place where no one can touch you. Where it is acceptable to ignore your boss and your colleagues, and to. To be alone, with your own thoughts. Offering the mind a creative time for our minds to flex their muscles. 

But I digress. 

I wanted to about uni...a little while back  where, I talked about what options I have and whether should I take a of those options was multimedia journalism. In the post I wrote the following: 

"an old love that turned into a loath…I know I’m good at journalism, but I left the career because I was fed up with cheap second rate, copy and paste articles getting all the ad revenue, when well written and relevant pieces were left by the way side. – must not turn this into a rant. I certainly find this interesting, and while it could be useful. I don’t see myself going down that route, and worry that I’d just be repeating what I leaned on the field". 

So I wondered why I wrote that...and why I am so angry at a field I used to love. I couldn't place my finger on it until I saw these two tabloids in the supermarket 

It clicked...this one photo was all the anger I was feeling towards the media after leaving the field was summed up between this pure an utter shouting match between the two papers. Gone are the idealist days that I used to yearn and beg for when I was a journalist. 

Now all I see is sensational headlines being thrown out in a bid for adverting revenue and sales. 
But I do suppose part of the problem why I don't like the idea of being a journalist anymore was that I did not want to be a part of that some ways, I was a rebel...a very idealistic rebel. 

I wanted to fight for the downtrodden and the underdog...I wanted to tell the stories of real life heroes and bring to justices those who take advantage of the people. I saw myself as a reporter for the people...Someone to stand up to the big scary CEO's and hold MP's accountable. I love that image of me...Its so romantic and lovely...the kind of imagine that I can imagine a Marvel comic is wrote about...though I blame the Sarah Jane Adventures for this...god she was epic. 

Then I see the ugly...I'm not a fan. 

I knew it though...It was my driving force way-back-when and most likely the reason why I ran out of steam...I was an unbearable twenty year old trying to stick it to the establishment...god they were good times. 
I'm not bitter though as I did enjoy it. 

But do I want to go back into that world? 

I'm not entirely sure. 

Next time I think I'll talk about mental health. XD 


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