Monday, 5 June 2017

A short update

Just a short post today As I write this. I am currently with my boyfriend watching him play Star Trek Online (STO for the first time…Surprise surprise…he’s playing as the campiest Romulan he can possibly create…He’s certainly enjoying the character creation mode.

I’ve not really got a huge amount to talk about if I am entirely honest…I don’t really want to talk about my work as a career, not because I have nothing to say, but rather, it will just save a lot of bother with regards to conforming to company policy on social media. I don’t need to level of shit that one mis-worded sentence or throw away comment can cause
I did service my car over the weekend…I then broke something on my car…fortunately its not expensive and cost £4 to replace.

With regards to my previous post in which I talked about the choices that I have at university, I am still undecided as to what to minor in.

I do want to talk about my father, but that will require a huge post.

I have to say that STO on the PS4 is really quite pretty…I need to build a new computer soon.
Perhaps I could write about random episodes of Star Trek, analyse them, talk about what story they tell and the interactions between the characters.

After working out the name of his first ship, Jon is telling me about Mass Effect 2 and a Quarians  ship name The Qwib Qwib…I have a new name for my Defiant class now XD

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