Thursday, 20 June 2013

Writing for myself.

I have just finished a long six hour straight article writing session for my job, now it's time to write for myself before I end up punching the screen of the laptop.

I am currently sat on the couch of my living watching The Magnificent Seven, one of the only westerns that I like while drinking coffee from my Thomas the Tank Engine cup. I have now decided that I must learn how to ride a horse.

In some of my previous posts I talked about how I was writing a novel. That has now become a radio play thing, no doubt that this will slowly morph into a film script then into a video series and back around to novel. To save some face, I decided to design one of the star-space ships that would be in the universe-galaxy thing, it is needless to say that I failed art for a reason. This picture below is the view from the front. The idea is that there is one command pod and other pods can be changed around so that the ship can perform different tasks.

However, I appear to have drawn (at least to my immature mind) a cock and balls. What does that say about me? Instead of drawing a ship of incredible speed and wonder, I draw an object of incredible speed and wonder, shame it's not a self portrait.

Today I found a random stick of ram.

Jamie Cullum and my iOS 7 review will have to wait, i'm too tired right now. Apart from that, it's been pretty uneventful.  

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