Thursday, 4 April 2013

You have been invited.

I love being able to do awesome things, with awesome people and on Saturday 20th April 2013, I'm going to be doing just that.

But I want to do it differently, I want to take each and everyone of you with me.

I am helping to organize The Politics in Schools campaign run by ShoutOutUK. As the name suggests, this campaign is going to try and get politics into schools and working for young people. This is our chance,and we should not waste it.

More details are available here, for you lovely people to peruse over.

If you can make it, I would love you forever. If you cannot, you can still support us by following us on Twitter and Facebook

I will also be writing about the event for our website (that is being reconstructed), and blogging a bit on here as well. I know, get me.

p.s. I love the word peruse.


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