Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Here goes nothing

I thought I try something different this month, everyone on YouTube seems to enjoy doing this, so I decided to convert the VEDA format slightly and blog every day in April.

Today I did something that was quite a good exercise for me, I have just applied for the Nico Colchester Journalism Fellowship 2013. The entry criteria was simple, you must be a EU citizen and write an 800 word article on 'What should the European Union do to keep Britain in?'

The aim is to help continental writers better understand Britain and for British writers to better understand Europe, is a three month fellowship at ether The Financial Times or The Economist as well as £5000 to cover accommodation and travel.

I'm not going to know until June when the committee meets to discus the entry's.

Fingers crossed that I get it, but if I don't, there is no need to worry.

Also you are very lucky, this is my second post in 24 hours. I have never done that before, go me *clicks fingers*

This is BEDA #2 because I am counting my last post as BEDA #1. It was wrote in the early hours of the morning and to me it still felt like the day before. So there.

On a more serious note, today I read, one of the most beautiful comments that I have ever seen. Posted by +Lacey Edwards she wrote;

"You are changing to world a little at a time just by sharing your thoughts."

I am in awe at that sentence.

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