Friday, 8 February 2013

Choosing My Life

I was sixteen, and I had a grand plan, I was going to be an actor. I wanted to take to stage and dramatically rock the world. I was going to do Performing Arts at College and then go on to one of the big drama schools in the country, glide through the course, star wowing the critics and be having tea with Sir Patrick Stewart by the time I'm 26. Isn't it strange how life throws you a curve-ball.

I don't want to be a actor anymore, I did acting for five years and I have just grown disfranchised with the acting world, for me it has lost it's magic and I have lost my 'mojo.' When I was fifteen, every play was compatible to the greatest thrill ride, now they are just plays. Before I discovered I could act (apparently) I want to be two things; A journalist and an Astrophysicist, in fact I was an award winner in 2008 as a part of BBC School Report. I remember going with the other three members of our group (I think we were the smallest group) and standing in awe at how many big names in journalism were at the ceremony (i.e Jake Humphrey, Adam Fleming, Huw Edwards.) The ceremony went along without incident, afterwards there was food and a chance for everyone to mingle. What surprised me was that there was that there was no egotism, there was just a mutual respect across the room. Then Jake Humphrey (Legend) cam over to our table and said well done to us, he then asked who created the report that played just before we went up to collect our award, everyone else on the table pointed to me. Jake Humphrey, my hero, wants to talk to me.
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When Jake Humphrey wanted to talk to me, this was my face.
As it turns out, and much to my relief  he didn't kill me. In fact he was impressed with the report he heard and just wanted to talk to me. We chatted of about ten minuets he was incredibly charming, respectful and witty. He talked to me like I was an adult, (i'm 15 at the time) like I was the guy he saw every day at the office. I never felt more respected, the same goes for when I met Adam Fleming and then Huw Edwards (Hue did have to run off to do a bulletin but he came back, he didn't have too)
I had never felt so accepted by so many people, I felt like journalism is where I belonged, so why the heck did I do performing arts? 

So i'm going something about it, I am now working with ShoutoutUK. Its only early days right now but I am so happy to back where I feel I belong. 

Twitter: @Shoutout_UK

Personal Twitter @tomneedmore 

This post was inspired by a post that Aisling Gallagher wrote, her full blog twoshadesofhope can be found here

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  1. Good to see you are already halfway towards your success with your dream job! I'm glad you have found your home. :D