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Power Rangers Movie Review

The following review came about when someone asked me how the Power Rangers movie was. - I answered.

It was really quite good. We had a blast. I’ll keep this a spoiler free as possible, though, you don’t really need to see the movie to know that the five of them find power coins, have some character development…try to morph…fail… do some more character development….morph and succeed….then they get some zords.

Visually…it was Marvel. Everything from the angles of the camera to the landings of the Power Rangers after their first morph looks as if it was ripped right from a Marvel film…I’m a huge Marvel fan so I’m not going to complain, further to the point, if you’re aware of the friendship between Halm Sabin and Stan Lee and the history of the development of Power Rangers in the 90’s (Power Rangers was almost going to be a Marvel franchise…Imagine them and the Avengers) . It would make a certain amount of sense that the film is taking Marvel’s visual style.

I think the aspect I enjoyed most and I’m so happy they did was that it was more about the five teenagers and their interactions and friendships with each other rather than just being superheroes. As this was origin story we got to see how their relationships formed and the dynamics between them. Jason and Billy pretty much hit off from the start, beginning a bromance that would transcend the ages. Kimberly and Trinni weren’t too sure of each other at first but they too became besties and Zac was a bit of moron…he didn’t release that nor did he recognise that he needed any of the others until he really fucked up and nearly killed all the rest of the rangers.

And then they bloody redeemed him but showing the other side of him (SPOILER SPOILER)
Zordon was a dick…a real dick.

But this is good.

One of the criticisms I had with the original series and its spins offs was that the tutor of the group is worshiped as if he or she was some kind of god. In this movie, he treated the other rangers like they were shit for a while. He wanted them to give him respect instantly. The rangers did not react well to that and it lead to some great confrontations between them all. I shall not tell you why he is so hard on them,

Alpha 5 was sassy as all hell and I loved that.

Goldar was amazing…this is what his character needed. No lines, just actions.

Because of the conflicts between them, there are times in the movie where it makes you doubt wither or not this is actually going to happen.

Then (SPOILER) died…

There were a few minor characters that really did help to build the word around them; The template cheerleaders, the long suffering teacher but one of note was the bully that Billy had to deal with. This character had the most purpose of the minors. His job was to show us how Billy is growing up and using his abilities, to play the role of the “fall-guy” and, to also give Jason a reason to interact with Billy for the first time.

Possible minor spoiler (maybe) on next line…

…Billy is autistic, and his condition was shown to us and dealt with in the best way possible further to that point, it also shows us how we should react when someone tells us that they are autistic or have other mental health issues and also says to those on the spectrum that they are just as valid as everyone else. Billy’s admission to Jason even helps to strengthen their romance more.
With that said, there were one or two cliché’s such as sporty jock desperate trying to win his father’s approval, Jock and Nerd becoming best friends and the outcast slowly but surely warming up to and trusting the group, but I can forgive those.

There is little that I didn’t like in the film as those small things are overshadowed by strong characters and a kick ass plot. However, I did feel that Rita’s character could have been built upon more. We were shown right at the start of the film that Rita was the green ranger and that Zordon was the red rangers which I’m so glad that we got to see. The scene which only about 2 minutes conduces with Rita betraying the other rangers and attempting to take the Zeo Crystal for herself, her justification, he wants to rule the universe. My criticism is that we are not told why she wants to rule. I would have very much liked that answer to be shown to us.

So overall, it’s a damn good movie.

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