Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I'm a furry now.

When Tom became Tomcat.


I'm a cat. Hello, how are you?

So a far bit has happened in my life since the last post.

When I posted last, I was living with my ex and was (I say this in huge double quotes) "happy"

I broke with him and got chucked out.

My best friend then helped me out and after moving back home, he took me down to Southampton, where I attended my first ever fur meet.

I say took, when I should say, dragged, kicking and screaming.

Looking back now, I don't know why I put up so much resistance to this.

I had the an absolute blast. I met some amazingly intelligent people who conversations were so epic, I was picking up from the floor, the slush that was brain.

Also that day, I somehow, found myself attracted to another guy, after about three hours of pure unmitigated panic and a lot of support from my friend, I asked him out.

He said no.

But, don't feel sad, because we are now good friends.

Towards the end of the meet, I had another first, in the form of a Chinese.

For those of you with dirty minds, I am referring to a meal, not another fella.

After some discusion, I worked out that I'm a cat.

My friend later tells me that he always knew this and just need it awakened.

It's kinda true, I love milk, I can't eat enough fish, I get confused when a red dot appears and I love to sleep.

I then go to a few more meets and my "fursonia" develops, until last week, when Thundertom was finally born.

My best friend who got me into this in the first place, also drew me as my cat.

He's a very friendly and quite a hyper vampire cat.

He also has two brothers called Spike and Spark.   

When Tomcat met Jonbear

Last month, I met Jon who I asked out.

He said yes.

He's now stuck with me. We are having an absolute blast

He wasn't a furry when I met him, but he had no objects to accompanying me to one of the meets.
He clearly had a great time, and he saw how this had become a huge part of my life. He also learn how becoming a furry helped me to not just get over my ex, but to also regain my happiness and my confidence.

Below are a few videos of the meets.

This first one is a lovely video showing the interaction between the different suiters and the really welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

The second video is one of those moments that just happened, the meet was in a slightly different venue and there was a park near by.

What happens? They all become children again,

I am also in this video with Jon, we are just as humans because these suits are so damn expensive. See if you can spot the couple not really moving very quickly because they are more interested in each other.


Tomcat out

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